Maysville to Macon 50 Mile Run

And they’re off!  On Sunday, Feb. 17th, a group of 13 amazing individuals set off on a 50-mile run that started at midnight at our very own Hwy 55 restaurant, to cross the finish line at Fort Macon State Park. Maysville’s Highway 55 Burgers, Shakes and Fries is the official starting point of this unique ultra run.  The run, which starts at midnight, passes under the American Flag being flown from the Maysville Volunteer Fire Department’s ladder truck before the participants turn onto Highway 58, running in the dark towards Emerald Isle. The race presented a myriad of challenges, from fierce winds to low visibility, making this race a challenge to complete. Of the 13 runners who started, 11 completed the course.  The top 3 finishers were all  U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenants, currently serving aboard Camp Lejeune. 

  • (right)  Paul Armijo       9:31:41
  • (left)    Grace Jenkins  9:45:17 (setting a new female course record)
  • (middle) Sam Sasser   9:56:26

macon run 3

This is the third year this race has been held in our town, the other two being in 2014 which had 18 runners finish the run and 2015 which had 10 runners finish the run.  A total of 39 athletes have completed the Maysville to Macon 50-mile run, 32 men and 7 women. In 2014, Rob Hilton set the overall course record by completing the run in 7 hours, 36 minutes and 18 seconds. Grace Jenkins set the female course record in 2019 at 9 hours, 45 minutes and 17 seconds.  The race was started in 2014, by one of our own residents, Dan Ryan in collaboration with Brandon Wilson, who both saw a race that runs on asphalt for half the race before transitioning to the sand of Bouge Banks was a unique idea that would spark interest and challenge those who enjoy ultrarunning. The race was returned in 2019 after a four-year hiatus after receiving many requests to organize the race again. Those who are interested in participating may visit: